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Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 News

It has been a while since Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is officially announced, which then it is available for sale just a moment after it is unveiled. The first shipping of this latest version of Samsung Galaxy Note series started on 15 September in the UK. So, it still fresh in our mind how the company unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but the chat about the sequel to this phone has already been started. With the promising shipping date from Samsung, the early buyers of the Note 8 have just spent less than a month with the new handset. Now, the curiosity starts to full everybody’s head to see the next flagship. See, we would never feel satisfied with anything about the smartphone. If you start being curious about it, here we share all we have collected from various sources about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 news.

It is true that the next phablet is still some way away, but we are sure that preparations for the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Note series are already being made internally at the company for preparing a great release of Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Rumors and news regarding the upcoming device are emerging. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not the next big manufacturing product of Samsung, of course, it sits next to the Galaxy S9 which is also already rumored to come next year.

In-screen fingerprint scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is rumored to have an in-screen fingerprint scanner. It is the biggest rumor relates to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Samsung relates to their plan for the Note 9, has been rumored to be working on this technology, but it failed to achieve it in time for their most recent handsets, so it will be reasonable for the Note 9 to have it. With this technology, the company could retain the all-screen front of the Note 9 while still having a conveniently positioned scanner.

Smart Speaker of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung exec DJ Koh, who is the President of the mobile division, as it is quoted from Forbes told CNBC’s Arjun Kharpal that the company is now working on a smart speaker. He said that Samsung maybe soon will announce this smart speaker. Well, Amazon is one step ahead regarding smart speaker with its Echo and Alexa which is the intelligent assistant who dwells within it.  Apple also has revealed its own smart speaker that is the HomePod which is designed for revolution home music. After all, we all know that Samsung has its own personal digital assistant, Bixby. It should have its own gadget to enjoy.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which has just been a while on the market, is launched quietly included the announcement that the personal digital assistant Bixby is now available in 200 countries in English. DJ Koh said that he has serious ambitions to have the digital assistant control multiple devices. It means that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which potentially will include Bixby will also get this smart speaker which is on working now.

Foldable Galaxy Note device

We’ve been much excited to know that Samsung is now looking to leverage this technology improvement inside its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Regarding this expectation, recently we hear about some news which has surfaced about the company plan to create a foldable Samsung Galaxy Note device to be released next year. Based on multiple sources, it is reported that Samsung has officially stated its plans on creating the Galaxy Note foldable in 2018. It is still unclear for us whether this is the Galaxy Note 9 or a separate, there’ll be an additional release that remains to be seen. Samsung admitted regarding this foldable device that there are still some ‘issues’ to solve before they serve the technology for mass consumption. By implementing this foldable idea inside its seminal Note range of smartphones, Samsung is betting big for this foldable tech. It is appealing to see what we can do with the next Galaxy Note generation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Design

Speaking about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 design, we can’t leave the fact that Samsung has made some important achievement regarding its smartphones design. A patent that has given us a glimpse at what the next Samsung Galaxy Note generation will look like. Recently, we got a clue after Samsung published a phone design with a screen that curves at the right edges but not on the left edges. Well, this is odd. The patent shows an unusual look for a smartphone, and it is pretty different to the current Galaxy Note 8. With this fact, we are skeptical that the design will be used for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9. No one knows for sure about this right now. For ensuring about this speculation, Koh Dong-jin as The President of Samsung’s mobile division said that the company is now aiming to release a bendable flagship in 2018. It could bring to a smartphone with a large form factor. From here, it sounds likely Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be the foldable device that can be folded into the pocket as the Korean company wants. Well, that’s all we’ve got from multiple sources about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 news. Since the current version has been a while from its first introduction, it might take time to get another news regarding Samsung plans for releasing Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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